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Similar Sites offers you up-to–date and filtered recommendations for websites that are similar to ones you already visit. It also offers more options to choose from those that you like. Imagine receiving updates on the things you are most passionate about, straight to your e-mail inbox. Imagine being able access to a list of websites like yours, and which is updated on a regular basis. What about never needing to type "web design” in any search engine? Similar Sites makes it much simpler to find web design resources that fit your needs, wherever you may be. Imagine your very own personal web search directory!

Similar Sites offers updated and refined results for the exact same terms you're searching for. It intelligently suggests more suitable options. You can search for and quickly look up similar websites. Similar Sites is an excellent option to add to your personal search directory. If you're interested in knowing what other people are discussing, this is one of the easiest ways to do so.

Similar Sites is a powerful search tool that can help you find similar sites. It also allows users to type in a brief description of your site to help you compare them. Similar Sites pulls information from the top used internet browsers. It allows you to compare favorite websites side-by side in various dimensions, colors, and text, as well as other visual cues. You can also search for specific kinds of websites like games, finance or crafts, shopping, recipes or recipes. It's astonishing how many unique websites are available on the Internet. All this can be accomplished with a single and straightforward installation of software.

If you use Firefox or Chrome, you'll love Similar Sites. Chrome is rapidly catching up with Firefox, however Firefox remains the most used browser. Even if you don't use Firefox, Chrome is worth taking a look. Similar Sites is worth a glance, even if do not know anyone who uses Firefox. It is now possible to compare your top sites side by side in Firefox or Chrome and receive instant results!

You can create a customized homepage for your browser using Similar Sites. You can pick the same links on each page as well as have them be displayed in the exact order (bottom to the top). Also, you have the option to block certain areas of your screen. For example, you can remove the address bar from your browser or replace it with a custom logo, or hide all images or text. Firebug users will be delighted by this feature, as well users of other browsers.

Follow the instructions on the screen to use Related Sites. You can also download the Add-Ons App to quickly add related websites to your browser. Firefox is now able to access multiple blogs within the same category. Users of Firebug are bound to be impressed by the new default engine search feature!