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Portal technologiczny piszący o komputerach, podzespołach, smartfonach oraz programach. newsy, artykuły, testy i rankingi.

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Informacje, testy, porady, recenzje, opinie. zobacz najświeższe informacje ze świata komputerów, zapisz się na darmowe newslettery, korzystaj z forum pc world

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Pc format - niezbędny, praktyczny, nowoczesny poradnik komputerowy - polecane zestawy komputerowe, testy sprzętu, recenzje gier, relacje z wydarzeń i wiele więcej.

Twoje pc | komputery, nowe technologie, recenzje, testy

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Tabletowo, to najlepsze źródło informacji o świecie mobilnym. recenzje smartfonów, tabletów, sprzętu, akcesoriów, aplikacji. wszystko w jednym miejscu!

Antyweb to blog o technologiach takich jak smartfony, komputery czy internet. odwiedź też nasz kanał na youtube! dodaj nas do rss!

Testy smartfonów, kart graficznych, komputerów i laptopów. recenzje gier, programów i gadżetów oraz newsy ze świata nowych technologii.

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Select the subscription you want to manage, and then choose Cancel Subscription. If Cancel Subscription is not visible it means that the subscription has been cancelled and will not renew. There are a variety of options to unsubscribe. You won't have access to content once your subscription has been terminated.

Look up the name of the program you want to uninstall from the list. This command will uninstall the program. Replace the name of the program with the name of the program. The app comes with an option called Forced Uninstall which forces users to uninstall an application if you've attempted to use the software's regular removal tool but were not able to complete the task.

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Open the page you wish to register on: click the link "Login" at top right. After that, click on the link for "Create account" on the left side of the screen. Choose the service account where you want to register your code.

A website is a group of web pages with similar content that are identified by a single domain, and are published on the internet's most likely server. Examples are (, ( as well as other. The websites that are accessible to the public make up the World Wide Web. Private websites cannot be accessed through the public internet.

When you find the program you'd like install, first check whether it's a free or paid app. If the app is free, you will notice the word "Free" right above a "Get" button. Click "Get" to change it to "Install". After you hit "Install," the download will start immediately. Look over the details page for each application prior to beginning the download.

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