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Once you've typed in the URL of the site that you're looking for, click the search button. You will then see results for your search that have an arrow facing down. Click the Arrow to open the cached and gain access to sites you're not able to access. You can open a problem site manually by entering the shortcut URL (web address) rather than clicking on the link. Copy the shortcut into the Address bar.

These tips will assist you when you're having difficulty opening a site. You must use the proper URL for the site. Even if your computer is online, it isn't able to open the site you want to visit while all other websites are loading smoothly. For instance, while you can open as well as simultaneously, it takes a very long time to load even though it's open for everyone else around the world. It could be that you're using an incompatible browser plugin. It could also be damaged images. It is possible to remove recent photos.

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